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    Ethical NinjaTM is about "doing stuff" and practically learning how to assess the security posture of an organization before the "bad guys" do. The course has been designed from the ground up to allow you to understand how attacks are commonly carried out by malicious users, and in particular to learn how to apply hacking tools and techniques to gain unauthorized access to information assets. Ethical NinjaTM I focuses on a few selected tools, which are widely used, giving you the opportunity to learn how to use them effectively; the final aim is to understand the mind set of malicious users in order to protect your organization from common attacks.

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    RevCode Panther™ is a hands on training course through which the student will develop the competences required to identify and analyse malware in order to react to security incidents and perform in depth computer forensics investigations. RevCode Panther™ provides the student with the hands-on environment to use disassemblers and debuggers and learn the different techniques used to reverse engineer software and perform malware analysis. The course takes the student through the analysis of different operating system structures, and complete source code reconstruction methodologies, teaching how to modify low level software programs, to patch software vulnerabilities in legacy systems, and  to identify malicious behavior.

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