Red Bundi

  • 42 Students

About the Course

Red Bundi™ provides you with hands on practice with the tools  you  will  be  using  to  defend  an  organization  against systems and network attacks. The course will improve your knowledge and understanding of the TCP/IP based protocols to better equip you to perform effective analysis of  intrusion attempts and investigations. The emphasis  of  this  course  is  to  help  you  develop  the fundamental  competences  to  be  able  to  perform  network traffic analysis, configure intrusion detection and prevention systems, and ultimately keep them up to date with effective signatures and rules to match new attacks.

Who Should Attend

This course is ideally suited for:

• System administrators
• Intrusion detection analysts
• Incident handling and response officers    
• Security professionals wanting to gain practical knowledge and competences in the domain of intrusion detection.


The course is “hands-on”, technically focused and aimed at those individuals who have a good knowledge of common networking protocols, and practical familiarity with the Linux and Microsoft operating systems.

Hands-on Training

Red Bundi™ is a fully hands-on course during which you will learn to design, deploy, configure, tune and test real life intrusion detection systems and ultimately perform intrusion detection analysis.

  • $2000
  • Exam Certificate
  • 5 Labs
  • 629 Slides
  • 1 Virtual Networks
  • 28+ Hours